The Visual Artist Chronicles, Chapter 3: Styling Workshop

My friend and I just came from a Styling Workshop and I had so much fun learning new things since I’ve never had prior experience with any form of styling. But I felt that it’s good to be exposed to different forms of art as well because aside from developing new skills, it also allows me to have a fresh perspective on other things.

We were taught how to apply particular styling techniques in different situations and using different concepts. What’s good about the workshop is that it also briefly covered some photography basics so we know how to best capture designs and layouts. Aside from the discussion, we were also able to have a first-hand feel of how to create mood boards and execute our own concept design.

By the end of the lecture, we were asked to pair up with a random person from our class and come up with designs based on the materials that were provided for us. I was paired up with someone who’s just starting a business that mainly focuses on organizing events. It was a good learning experience to be able to pick the brains of other creative people and see things from their point of view.

Here are the mood boards we were able to come up:

Rustic concept

My partner and I didn’t really talk about what we wanted to do so we just played it by ear and took note of what each one of us were getting from our prop options. I think the rustic feel was achieved and I honestly feel like it’s not that bad.

Industrial and minimalist design

This second mood board was just a safety option and we obviously ran out of props to use. But we were trying to aim for a minimalist-slash-industrial feel.

It was kind of a challenge, but it was also a humbling experience to try something that I have zero knowledge about. It made me realize that even though styling (and any form of art for that matter) is basically an expression of one’s personality, it’s something that still needs to be learned. There’s still a level of skill and dedication involved to become good at it. It’s in moments like this that I remember that no form of art should ever be underestimated because of the blood, sweat, tears, and hard work that goes with it.

I am definitely looking forward to learning new things and enhancing old skills this year.

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