The Sunday Currently, Vol. 8

Today was a busy day. Had a photowalk in the morning, then watched wrestling in the afternoon. I took advantage of the fact that my parents won’t be home until Tuesday afternoon.

Anyway, can I just share that I watched wrestling earlier with an officemate. I didn’t even know that the local wrestling scene is alive here in the Philippines. I sincerely had fun. At first the crowd was very intimidating because I felt like almost all of them watches the show regularly. But after a while I slowly became more comfortable with everything about it. I am actually looking forward to watching the show again next month.


Already finished the last book, but haven’t decided which one to read next. Haaaay. I really need to have my quiet weekends back.


This blog entry? Lol. I have to be honest that I already fell off the wagon with my daily calligraphy challenge. So at this point I think I have no other option but to cheat and just pick up where I left off.


The sound of the aircon in the background. Which reminds me, it sucks that I can’t renew my Premium membership on Spotify. I need my songs back.


Honestly, I think I really left my brain in Siargao. I still keep thinking about all the things we did there and all the random people we met along the way. Must decide when I can go back.


The scent of my shampoo. I just finished a relaxing shower after a long day outside.


I really wish that my mind goes back to its regular programming already. Still not ready to go back to work on Tuesday.


Hoping to recover from this terrible cough. Itching to workout regularly again after taking a break for more than a week now.


Usual bedroom clothes — an oversized shirt and worn out pair of shorts.


Loving the feel of this warm blanket over me. Zzzz.


To go back to Siargao. Hay, sorry. I know at this point I already sound like a broken record. But that place is still on my mind.


I know that I’ve been constantly mentioning Siargao, but if I’m going to be realistic about it, I am also aware that I now need to budget my money better. I need to start saving up again so I can afford to plan the next adventure.


Really tired and sleepy. Actually, my mind’s buzzing with everything that’s been happening to me and everything that I’m feeling at the moment.


Planning to continue with my F • R • I • E • N • D • S marathon on Netflix. I’m now watching Season 2, but I still have a long way to go.

The Sunday Currently is originally from Siddathornton

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