Siargao: Love at first sight

This is by far the best trip I’ve had this year. I can’t fully explain how Siargao captivated me in ways that other locations in the Philippines were not able to do, but it was definitely about all the firsts this place allowed me to experience.

We stayed there for 7 days and we did all sorts of things – surf, island hopping, interacted with locals, experienced the party scene, discovered different restaurants, and familiarized ourselves with everything that the place has to offer.

I don’t want to elaborate on the things that we did there because this trip is definitely more than all the activities we were able to do. It was really about immersing ourselves with the culture, being one with the people, and learning about all the practices that they have there.

What I love about Siargao is the very diverse mix of people they have in terms of personalities and nationalities. Personally, I feel like it’s such a blessing to have been able to talk to people from other countries, learn about all their past experiences, and listen to the journey they had to go through to end up in Siargao.

It’s also such a pleasant surprise to hear these people say that their dream travel destination is the Philippines. It kind of became a beautiful reminder of how much this country really has to offer, despite all the negative things we hear on a daily basis about it.

I will forever be thankful for all the good people we met within the duration of our stay in Siargao. More than all the beautiful scenery, it was the meaningful interactions we had with all the people that made this trip really, really special.

The goal is to go back in the near future and stay a bit longer. Can’t wait to share new memories with the amazing people we crossed paths with there.

Thank you for all the memories, Siargao. Thank you for allowing me to see a lot of things in my life from a new and fresh perspective. I arrived there hoping to forget all of the burdens I’ve been carrying for months now, and instead I came back feeling at peace with all of them. Thank you for reminding me that there’s more to life than all I’m experiencing now and all I’ve experienced in the past. Every single day is always a chance to be better and to build something more beautiful. I hope that your magic will always push me to keep moving forward, most especially in times of difficulties. I will be back, I promise. See you again soon, Siargao. ❤️

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