It’s a wonder love can make the world go round

Last night, I watched a musical called Ang Huling El Bimbo that featured songs from one of the most iconic Filipino bands, The Eraserheads. The name of the musical is based on the title of one of the more popular songs of the band.

I’ve always been a ‘Heads fan because I admire their creativity as a group and as individuals, most especially Ely Buendia’s songwriting prowess. So when I heard about this musical, I knew that I had to watch it no matter what. I’m really glad that I was able to experience it with a friend who willingly agreed to watch it with me.

The story revolved around four college friends who drifted apart because of an unfortunate circumstance that they experienced a few days before the school year ended. 20 years later, three of them were reunited again and were forced to confront what really happened during that fateful night.

It was a great experience because watching it made us laugh, cry, reminisce, and feel sorry for the characters.

It explicitly presented the consequences of our actions to our relationships with the people around us. All our actions towards other people add up to a bigger choice that we most likely don’t see yet. It also made me realize how fragile relationships are. It’s only a matter of knowing how important a person is because we will not always have a chance to fix things with them.

The message of the musical really resonated with me because it allowed me to see things from a bigger picture. It magnified the significance of taking the time to think about the people around me, and not just focus on what I’m feeling. Because again, every single thing that I do has a rippling and lasting effect.

I walked in the theater feeling excited about what this musical has to offer, but I walked out of it with a renewed sense of validation that choosing to be the bigger person in all circumstances, no matter how hard it is, will always bear something good in the end. 🌻


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