Visiting the Marine Base

Last June 25, we had a summer outing/family day at the Marine Base because we wanted to enjoy the beach.

We enjoyed our stay there because we participated in activities that allowed us to interact with everyone. For instance, we had a Boodle Fight which is a tradition which involves community eating.

Our food for the Boodle Fight

While we were there, we had the privilege to try target shooting. Personally, this was my first time to try it — I’ve been wanting to try it for some time now but I never really had the chance to get around to it.

So last Sunday I was already able to do it, thanks to a friend in the community who is a marine. He taught us how to handle an assault rifle and we all had our turns in shooting it, giving us 5 bullets each.

That’s me taking my turn at firing the assault rifle

I don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable with hearing guns fire because the sound always startles me. So I was really very nervous before I held the gun. But when you’re there and you have those earmuffs on, you start to adjust to it. The recoil is not that bad as well as long ad you have the correct form.

It was a good experience all in all, and looking forward to more experiences like this. ☺️


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