Sagada Weekend Getaway: Day 2

Before our first day ended, we were informed that our itinerary for the second day would be a visit to one of the falls in the Mountain Province, Bomod-ok Falls. Considering the challenge that we were able to overcome the previous day, we thought that the 2 kilometer trek to the falls would be a walk in the park. ‘A walk’ is pretty accurate, because we were walking for an hour and a half just to get there, but it wasn’t ‘a walk in the park’ because to be able to reach the falls we had to come down a steep slope.

It was obviously friendlier than the one we had to traverse yesterday inside the cave because our trail was cemented and had proper stairs. The thing is, we had to climb back up again to be able to reach our meeting location, and THAT was my problem. The climb back up was such a struggle to me that I had to ask everyone to go before me so I was at the end of the line because I didn’t want to delay those behind me. But I’m glad that I was able to survive it, no matter how slow I got to our meeting point.

Without a doubt, Sagada has pushed me to my maximum physical capacity. Maybe I should do this more often, then?


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