Coldplay Live in Manila

DISCLAIMER: This will be a lengthy post since I am going to try my best to narrate all of the things that happened while my memory is still fresh.

Yesterday, April 4, I experienced by far the best and most memorable concert I’ve ever been to – Coldplay live in Manila!!! I actually am still on a high. I can’t get over the entire experience because it was pretty amazing!! And until now I’m still singing their songs in my head.

Coldplay memorabilia

I arrived at the venue yesterday a little late compared to many people who camped outside the venue since 6am since the venue is an open field and everyone would be standing. But since I couldn’t afford to take a leave from work, I had to make do with being a little late. I thought my ticket wasn’t that bad because I was in the middle part of the field (my ticket is in the Silver section), the only problem was a lot of taller people were already in front of me when I arrived. So I had a hard time viewing the stage and screens.

Photo grabbed from Google

To add to that, I was supposed to meet a friend but she was late so we really didn’t had any chance to meet up considering that it would be impossible for us to see each other in a sea of people. To make the long story short, I had to watch the concert alone. Ok, it’s not as bad as it sounds. I actually enjoyed it. I mean hello, who am I to complain, right? This is Coldplay!!!

This is how the stage looked like 😍

After 2 hours of waiting inside the venue, the band ended our anticipation and began playing their songs one after the other. It was an amazing production that made use of lights, fireworks, balloons, confetti, and the xylobands! These are wristbands that contain lights inside; the lights are controlled by a software that allows them to change color or behavior depending on the song. So cool!!

Confetti ❤
Lights ❤
Balloons 🎈
Fireworks 🎆

I think Coldplay is one of the few bands who sound better live than in their recorded music. I definitely have renewed respect and admiration for Chris Martin and the rest of the band. They are not only outstanding artists, but also kind-hearted individuals as well. Hours before the concert, it was reported that Chris visited a cancer patient at the hospital – Ken Santiago. Ken is an avid fan of the band and his older brother wrote an open letter on his behalf, asking if the band could just say ‘hi’ or give a short message since Ken would not be able to watch the concert. Because of this, Chris took it upon himself to give Ken a visit before the show and even asked what song he would like the band to play later that night. Ken requested for an old Coldplay song which is ‘Ink’. To this, it was said that Chris immediately sent a message to his bandmates asking them to practice the song since it will be included in their lineup of songs.

Kevin with Chris Martin • Photo grabbed from Rhiza Pascua (@itsarpee)

Just a back story, when the band was already playing and recording Ink (to send to Ken) in the concert, after singing the first line, Chris Martin stopped and realized that he played the wrong note. He laughed along with everyone else, apologized, and started all over again. View the video here.

Below is the complete list of songs that Coldplay sang last night.
1. A Head Full of Dreams
2. Yellow
3. Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall
4. The Scientist
5. Birds
6. Paradise
7. Always in My Head
8. Magic
9. Everglow
10. Clocks
11. Midnight (partial)
12. Charlie Brown
13. Hymn for the Weekend
14. Fix You
15. Heroes (David Bowie cover)
16. Viva La Vida
17. Adventure of a Lifetime
18. In My Place
19. Don’t Panic
20. Ink (for Ken Santiago)
21. Manila Song (improvised, Chris only)
22. Something Just Like This
23. A Sky Full of Stars
24. Up&Up

The 21st item on the list is a song by Chris Martin that he wrote on the spot. It’s quite adorable, here’s my video of the song.

It was a very memorable experience, truly one for the books. I don’t think I’ve ever felt happy and sentimental at the same time over a concert. Thank you, Coldplay for giving us a show that would be hard to top. (heart)

Aerial shot of the concert grounds in 3 colors thanks to our xylobands ❤

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