Exploring Taiwan

Last 2-5 March my family and I visited Taiwan for the first time. Aside from having to enjoy the quality time with my parents and sister, we also liked the fact that we were able to discover and experience the exciting culture of Taiwan together for the first time.

Loved this artistic fixture in the lobby

We stayed at CityInn Hotel at Zhongshan District. We initially thought that we were far from everything else because the cab ride from the Taoyuan airport cost us 1,115 NTD. Apparently, the airport is just far from everything else in the city. Anyway, we enjoyed our stay in our hotel because it had a modern and cozy feel to it, not to mention their accommodating staff. They can even get you a cab to the airport that only costs a flat rate of 900 NTD – definitely cheaper than our initial payment.

Look at how majestic Taipei 101 looks
Thermal Valley

We were able to visit some of the most popular tourist spots like Taipei 101, Thermal Valley, Pingxi district, along with night markets like Raohe and Shilin markets.

Shilin Night Market

Aside from the tourist spots, we were also able to enjoy the amazing food that they have there.

Taiwan also has a very wide variety of street food that will definitely give us an insight to their colorful culture. Truly, a single trip to Taiwan is not enough to be able try the array of delicious options that they are offering. This is why it’s not surprising to say that I’d be willing to go back just for their food alone.

Lunch at Mala Yuangyang Hotpot
The dessert buffet was to die for

We were able to indulg in a steam boat buffet that came with some of the freshest seafood, vegetable, meat, and cold cuts available. The funny thing is that the steam boat buffet came with an ice cream buffet as well which is quite funny because this made our lunch quite bipolar with the combination of extremely hot and cold options.

Chun Shui Tang. The original bubble tea since 1983.

We were also able to try the original milk tea that originated from Taipei in 1938. 

Shifen station

I would say that we were really able to immerse ourselves and become locals for 4 days because we tried almost all available modes of transportation – cab, train, bus.

These bicycles look amazing ❤

It was just a bummer because we weren’t able to try out the bicycles that are for rent, it would’ve been fun to roam the city with them. But of course, I can’t expect my parents to bike around the city with my sister and I. Maybe next time when I come back with friends.

What I loved most about our trip is the streets of Taiwan. I can’t explain it but it’s just vibrant and bursting with culture. I can’t count how many street shots I took within the duration of our trip. I was also amazed and mesmerized by the orderliness and cleanliness of Taipei in general.


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